$69/month 3 workouts per week

​More workouts per week are available upon a Trainer's approval

What can you expect from this program

  • Learn proper lifting techniques
  • Learn what protocols work
  • Get right into building strength and fitness
  • No wasted time waiting for machines or trying to figure how to use something
  • No wasted time on bad workout advice that circles public gyms
  • Nutrition advice that's effective and SAFE!

So, you're ready to start working out? Thinking about a getting a gym membership for yourself son or daughter?

This is all good stuff! Starting a healthy lifestyle sets the stage for a long healthy life, but there is much more you can find when you decide to lift that iron. When you step into the gym you will cross the bridge to achievement and renew your inner strength to fight and win the battles of life. It takes dedication, perseverance, and discipline. Nothing worth doing comes easy you have to work your @ss off for it, you'll get knocked down, discouraged at times but these will be the moments that define you and mold you to take on anything that life throws at you. Once you make this commitment to yourself your confidence will go through the roof, you'll no longer care what someone thinks or says about you at school, work or anyone who has negative energy towards you..You'll learn to forget them, they don't dictate who you are or how you feel and you will realize they're really envious of the person YOU are and will become. You will walk with your head a little higher and no longer will allow doubt to limit you of what you can be, your body hears everything your mind says. Prepare yourself to fight for that belief in what you can be and NOTHING will be able to bring you down or stop you from achieving what you want in life!

Win this battle in the Gym and you wont just silence the naysayers and critics but you will also silence your self-doubt. 

Class Times

Monday-Friday (Morning Times)

  • 5:00am-10:00am

Monday -Thursday (Afternoon Times)

  • 3:00pm-7:00pm

Friday Afternoon

  • 3:00pm-5:30pm

Saturday Morning

  • 8:00am-10:00am

In this program we focus on a specific area of the body per day to achieve maximum strength, shape, and size of that body part(s).  We Focus on a combination of compound and isolated exercises to tax and stimulate the desired muscle group to induce growth, for both size and strength. Cardio is limited in the class to sprints only, there is no LISS cardio involved.  Each training week is focused around the big lifts: Bench press, Deadlifts, Military Press and of course Squats!  We use a wide variety of exercises, but more importantly we apply many different protocols of how we perform the exercise's to stimulate the body for muscle growth. 

Training Protocols

  • Heavy weight low reps
  • Light weight high reps
  • Explosive reps
  • Negative emphasis reps
  • Rep range training
  • Add-on sets
  • Drop sets
  • Super sets
  • Strip sets
  • Concentric staged reps
  • Rest pause training
  • Band resisted
  • Overload training
  • ​Body weight leveraging
  • Doubler's
  • 1.5 Reps
  • ​and many more!

Equipment Used

  • Free Weights
  • Cables
  • Bands
  • Body weight

Adult Physique/Teen Fitness and Strength