• Begins June 4th
  • Camp is 4 weeks long
  • Sessions are 90 mins
  • 4 Training sessions/week
  • Monday-Thursday



  • 6-9 Year Old's 7am
  • 10-12 Year Old's 8:30am
  • 13 and Older 10am​

Pricing for entire 4 week camp

  • Early Bird by 4/1/18 $199
  • Register by 5/1/1 $229
  • Register on or after 5/2/18 $259

Camp Starts June 4th... Enroll Today!

A program designed for soccer players by soccer players.

If you're reading this then you are here because you share the love for soccer the same as we do!  We're very happy to have this program available for local youth soccer players, a program that is made specifically for soccer that addresses not just the skill side of the game but the physical performance side as well. Our goal was to fill the void that has been left when comes to finding a program that caters directly to soccer players on all platforms of increasing play on the field. Its true there are programs out there that address player skills there are programs out there that address speed, agility, strength and injury prevention, but nothing that really hits a home run for EVERYTHING!

This program does exactly that, we have spent the better part of 5 years developing this program, working with kids, testing, speaking with parents and coaches spending hours watching film and local games to get to where we can honestly say you will not find a better program out there for developing individual soccer skills, improving performance and preventing injuries. This is a Soccer program period, soccer is our love and our main sport focus.

We know that there are several Speed and Agility camps being put on this summer some even say they are for soccer players but, unfortunately, most couldn't been further from it. Here's the big issue; we have developed some universal tests and training protocols for sports in America that are great for a multitude of sports such as football, baseball, basketball, track etc. These programs produce great results for increasing your 40 times, pro agility, shuttle tests, T tests, verticals cleaning up running mechanics working on good arm action, posterior mechanics, knee up toe up etc.... But these do not have the same impact on soccer players as they do as the fore mentioned sports, period!  You think Christiano Ronaldo is worried about increasing his 40 times with perfect running mechanics? No, his running form is actually pretty bad, there is video on the net where they actually compare his running with an elite sprinter which breaks down his wasted movements, yet he dominates in soccer today. Do you think Messi is worried about box jumping 48" or increasing vertical? No way the guy more than likely has a terrible vertical yet he is arguably the best there is. 

So what makes these two so dominant and by far the best players on the pitch today? Ready.....Its there ability WITH the ball. They are just as fast with a ball at their feet as they are without it, there ability to change direction with the ball and explode into space is incredible, although Ronaldo likes to take an occasional dive here and there but when he wants to protect the ball and hold off a defender with strength he does it with relative ease. 

Guys your speed programs need to focus on increasing speed WITH the ball, being agile WITH the ball, strength needs to increase ON the ball to hold off defenders or to win a tackle. If you learn perfect running mechanics, increase your 40 and then go out and try to apply those same mechanics with a ball at your feet, then that ball is either going to end up in the next field over or the defender will be picking you off all day, it just doesn't apply the same as it does in other sports. So why wouldn't it apply the same? Well because this sport requires you to do everything with your feet not your HANDS, so to say that a speed and agility program doesn't need to be sport specific is false when it comes to this sport, soccer! That's why we have developed tests and drills that are designed around soccer and having the ball, not tests and drills that were designed for a 240 lb linebacker.  This isn't the strength coaches out there putting on these programs fault, its just that they were all ex Baseball, Basketball, Football players or Track athletes they're doing what they know and have been told. Soccer is game you have to have played, its a beautiful game and must have a dedicated system all to itself.  We all remember that player that had lights out speed but a terrible touch that spent most of their time on the bench, playing behind that player who was fast, fluid, strong and dynamic all with the ball glued to their foot.

 We have made the commitment to step outside the box and pave a new unique path here at CSF. We are here to help you become that dynamic player. Come learn to increase your game where it matters... ON THE PITCH! 

****We will go through a series of evaluations the first and last days of the clinic that will provide clear insight to every individual athletes improvements over the 4 weeks as well as what they can continue to improve on ****

Clinic Info:

Registration is open

We start June 4th at 7am!​​

              What you can expect:

​       Performance Enhancement

  •  Speed
  • Power
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Mobility
  • Mechanics​

      ​Soccer Skill/Technique

  • ​Feints
  • Speed of Touch/Thought
  • Change of Direction (linear & lateral)
  • ​1v1 Attacking & Defending
  • Passing/Receiving
  • Finishing

​​​Above all fun!


Bakersfield's 4th Annual Soccer Camp! Begins June 4th