Silver Membership: 3 workouts per week $65
Gold Gold Membership: Unlimited $75

Metabolic Power

White Board Workouts

Similar to the open gym the only difference is you have a pre-written workout template here for you to follow so you know exactly what you need for a body sculpting workout.
This program is an “old step in a new direction” a program that provides the progression, precision and clarity that is necessary to combat our cultural decline in simple body knowledge.  Today people have gotten so caught up in the flash of being fit instead of the
function. Concerned more about the appearance of a muscle instead of what it’s meant to do and that’s to move!

​Each workout is unique, with a different daily focus designed to progress you individually towards your unique goals. This process guarantees  that you receive a well-rounded, specific program that covers the entire spectrum of fitness.  We incorporate cardio, strength training, mobility, stability and core work into each training program via a high intensity circuit style workout. This program takes everything that is good about CrossTraining, Bootcamps, Sport Performance and Personal Training and integrates it into our unique MetabolicPower systematic progression, to provide a safe, goal oriented training environment.​
The group training classes are very motivating and supportive. Having a small group helps grow relationships and accountability between one another, making you even more motivated to reach your goals! Come in and try it out, your first WEEK is FREE!

Open Gym

Open Gym gives you the opportunity to utilize the facility and equipment for your own program. Members will have the ability to use any equipment not being used by trainers. Trainers will not be available for assistance during class times. If needing to speak with a trainer please contact them to set up a meeting time. Individual program design is available (See Binder/Whiteboard Program).

Program Breakdown:



4:30am-10am & 3pm-7pm

(Fridays 3pm-5:30pm)
$35/month  AutoPay