Strength and conditioning programs have helped thousands of players improve their  maximum speed, lateral agility, vertical jump and strength. But after being athletes ourselves and working closely with coaches, we were noticing that even though players were improving their speed, power and strength, they weren’t necessarily improving their game where it matters, on the field. Sure he or she may be much quicker, but they still might not be that great a player. 

This program is about changing the mindset about development and to forget about training a athlete to perform better in a test.  When all the emphasis is put on testing then its natural that the athletes want to put all their emphasis on improving their test scores in a controlled setting. But, if you ask a player what they really care about most players will say they want to perform better where it counts, on the pitch. Not what a number on a piece of paper says about vertical, speed, or strength. What most players want is to reach their full athletic potential, play comfortably in a game, make game changing tactical decisions. In short they want to be a better athlete.

This program guides the athlete through a developmental process from philosophy to implementation to long term tracking.

First, we start by creating a very broad and stable foundation. The bottom 4 triangles make up our “Foundational 4” blocks and although our attention may shift to other areas as they get older we continue to revisit these Foundational 4 categories in warm ups throughout the player’s career. 

The next level is made up of our “Connector” blocks that draw from the foundational elements previously mastered and progress towards a more specific aspect of fitness and/or performance. We use our foundational Rhythmic Movement Patterns: Flexibility, Mobility, Stability blocks to progress vertically into a strength and conditioning program on the Physical side (right side of the model below). At the same time we are using the foundational Technical Movement and Technical Ball Work blocks to progress into Situational Drills, or games that build a comfort and confidence within sport specific situations on the Technical /
Tactical side (left side of the model below).  

Moving up the pyramid we progress the Technical / Tactical side (left side), the physical side (right side) and blend them together with our F.I.T. (functionally integrated training) Game Speed Program (middle – blue triangle). As the players get older, we begin integrating Speed and Power work, while their sport coach is
shifting his or her attention to the Tactical Application. This is the model we
use to design our program and progress our players through an age specific

In the visual model below, you can see sport specific technical and tactical
development side (left side), which covers those specific qualities of
athleticism learned through team practices, scrimmages and games:

1.Technical Movement – This “foundational”
block teaches how players move together on the field (formations, how they
communicate, position specific responsibility, etc.)

2. Situational Drills – This “connector” block
bridges technical movement with tactical application using staged drills that
break the game down to promote the development of a specific skill set.

3. Tactical Application – This “peaking” block of
development provides the environment for players to apply their skills in game
situations, developing a greater understanding of how and when.
You can also see the physical development side, or the non-specific qualities of
athleticism (right side):

1. Flexibility, Mobility and Stability – This “foundational”
block prepares the body to be able to get into and out of athletic positions
with balance and control.

2. Strength and Conditioning – This “connector” block
is an essential bridge between Flexibility, Mobility, Stability and Speed/Power
and is where the player builds the physical tools to play at a high level

3. Speed and Power – This “peaking” block
builds off a strong and stable foundation and prepares the body to reach its
explosive potential.

The middle area represents the bridging aspects that bring these two sides together. The 2 “Foundational” blocks actually go hand in hand as they merge Rhythmic Movement Patterns with Technical Ball Work. This all builds into the centerpiece of our model, Specific Speed or Game Speed. This is the primary “connector” piece that combines aspects of all the aspects of the game. For example: Our SoccerFIT program is built on a foundation of Elementary Abilities like simple passing, receiving, quick foot drills with the ball (left side) and rhythmic movement patterns of balance, strength and technical agility drills as seen here. 

We use tests that show how well a training program translates on to the field, the tests are broken down into 2 main catergories:

1. Physical – Speed / Agility / Fitness

2. Technical – Dribbling / Passing / Moves & Turns

Soccer Performance: Speed, Power, Agility, Strength, Injury Prevention 
Modern soccer is faster than ever before, the game involves series of random intervals and non-linear movements, with totally random rest periods. Training and preparation must reflect this, no athletic event requires the athlete to run at maximum speed, stop dead, sprint backwards, slide tackle, jump for a header, jump over a tackle, walk, jog, have an opponent grabbing, pushing, tackling you at any angle, all while either trying to keep possession or win possession of the ball. All training performed is specifically designed to prepare the athlete for the continuous adjustment both physically and mentally to the game of soccer.


Soccer Skill Mastery: Ball Mastery, Passing, Receiving, Change of Direction, Shooting

This is a dedicated system that will improve ALL players.

Ball Mastery

  • Feints
  • Change of Direction (Linear, Lateral)
  • Speed of touch
  • 1v1 (attacking, defending)


  • 5yds
  • 10yds
  • 15yds
  • 20yds

Driving Balls

  • 20+yds


  • Ground
  • Low Driven
  • Lobs


  • 8yds
  • 12yds
  • 18+yds
  • Volleys
  • Headers


Bringing it all together. CSF offers the only complete program for developing every aspect of a soccer player. We have two sides: Soccer Performance side which focuses on athletic development of Speed, Agility, and Strength and a Soccer Skill Mastery side which focuses on skill of play. We have developed a very specific and unique curriculum that gives clear insight to exactly what and where an athlete needs improvements. If your skills session or speed programs are not tracking your progress then we highly encourage you to come try out our program free of charge. Every athlete develops differently and without a curriculum and development tracking many athletes will be neglected and fall short of their true potential. We evaluate and test our athletes continuously to focus on long term development. Not only does it allow us to focus our efforts on areas of weakness but it gives players/parents something tangible so they can see exactly where they started, their strength and their weaknesses.  We provide every player with an individual player development file with all their information and reports. We also provide nutrition advice on pre-training/game, between games, and post workout recovery. Soccer has evolved like never before, don't be left behind!