• 4PM u8-u12


  • 4PM u8-u12
  • 6pm u13 & up


  • 4PM u13 & up


1 session/week $50/month (AutoPay)

1 session/week $75/month (No AutoPay)

2 sessions/week $100/month (AutoPay)

2 sessions/week $125/month (No AutoPay)


SafeHands Goalkeeper Academy is the first of its kind here in Bakersfield Ca. We have put together a program that is specific for goalkeepers only. Our trainer Joseph Valenzuela has his goalkeeper 1 and 2 goalkeeper license in the NSCAA as well as his F and E licence in Cal South. 

Being a goalkeeper involves a lot of skill and training on and off the field. Now is the time to get specialized training for goalkeepers that want more out of goalkeeping. 

We believe in greater things,

SafeHands Goalkeeper Academy is not a business it is a family that evolves around goalkeepers and their lives on and off the field. We do not just push for our students to be the best at goalkeeping but also influence a better lifestyle on and off the field. Our mission is for our students to not only enjoy what they do but also create an environment that changes the way we look at goalkeepers. For many years in this community we have not had a program that strictly targets goalkeepers particularly and now it has come to make a difference. SafeHands has qualifications to make this a legit goalkeeper academy and is growing constantly every day. We look for the best footwork, ball handling, and diving skills out there every day to provide to our students so that we could always stay one step ahead of the game.


Coaches Expectations:

  • Create an environment that is fun and challenging for our goalkeepers
  • Strive to accomplish the goals and objectives of SafeHands
  • Attend all required training, clinics, and meetings
  • Refrain from yelling, name calling and intimidation tactics which breed fear and low self-esteem of the goalkeepers
  • Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of a player and sport. Communicate with them and support them
  • Knows the game, regulation and rules for the level of play for each goalkeeper
  • Must provide all required and requested documents and credentials for coaching
  • Be hands on as a coach and mentor for the young goalkeepers
  • Create sessions that are progressive and challenging
  • Create an environment for goalkeepers to want to express themselves in training
  • Past goalkeepers that know what it takes to play and be able to pass down good traits to the next generation
  • Set a great example to goalkeepers by showing respect to all
  • Always stay on top of the newest and latest techniques in the game


Goalkeepers Expectations:

  • Have a great attitude in each session so that each session is beneficial to them
  • Show respect to the coaches and other goalkeepers
  • Use disappointment to make them work harder in the future
  • To demand excellence of themselves but still have fun
  • Understand that they will make mistakes attempting to do the right things but to not give up or go back to their old ways
  • To be comfortable with the ball in their hands or feet
  • To understand that being a great goalkeeper isn’t achieved overnight. It requires a lot of hard work and time
  • No swearing or abusive language in any SafeHands Functions
  • Conduct themselves in a befitting manner at the facility
  • Understand that you will sometimes take hard hits as a goalkeeper but do not let that hurt you, those hard hits may make a difference for your team
  • Not every save needs to be a diving save


SafeHands ensures the best quality of goalkeeper training and is positive that we can meet all of your needs. Our SafeHands team has created an environment that is safe for everyone.